Monday, 27 June 2016

England's Abject Performance Validates The Importance of Mind Coaching

You can call me an avid, patriotic and passionate fan of football (Soccer) and especially for our national team. And that's why I am blogging twice in one day.

Tonight it really hurt seeing how abject, dismal and a shambles of a performance our players gave at the Euro's in France tonight. It was harrowing to watch.

The players we have have all performed well at club level this last season, for that there is no doubt.

The sole responsibility lies firmly, in my opinion at the manager, Roy Hodgson's feet.

The very fact that he had his resignation speech already prepared right after the match, is testament to his lack of belief in progressing in the tournament. Failure should not have been an option when you fully believe.

His language patterns to the media before the game, playing up Iceland like they were Italy, Germany or France, was the wrong tactic. And that is said with no disrespect to Iceland. But let's face it, they are minnows in world football, with some of their team, just part-time players.

If he was saying that in public, what on earth was he saying in the dressing room? And I wonder what he said at half-time as England came out and played worse in the second half?!

3 Questions I ask People Before I coach

When I coach sports people or athletes I often ask 3 questions on my free chat. These are relevant whether you are in sports or are an entrepreneur trying to build a business, especially the 3rd one. (The first two vary slightly if you are an entrepreneur).

  1. In percentage terms, how much time are putting into your physical training?
  2. And the same, how much time are you putting into improving your skills?
  3. And how much time do you put into the mental aspect of what you do?

The answers are usually divided between 1 and 2. Number 3, gets nothing or very, very little at best.

For example, the answer to question 1, I may get 60%; to question 2, 30% and 10% for question 3.

Yet the mental aspect to anything that you do is a huge part. Why? because everything starts in the mind. Your mind.

When two teams or players line up in a final the difference in ability and skill is very slight. What makes the consistent winner? The mind. What goes on in the head!

The English players tonight clearly lacked confidence and the ability to deal with pressure. It is the manager's (Or Coach) job to instil that. As a leader, if he is lacking in that aspect, then he should have got somebody in who did know; who could do that. That is what a great leader will do.

Everything begins in the mind. Talent and skill will only take you so far. If you don't get your mental side to your 'game' right, you are making success so much harder

To put this into perspective, this was England's worst performance in a major tournament since 1950!

Their mental approach, especially in the second half, was simply missing. Yes you have to be motivated to play (At anything) but being too pumped-up puts the mind under pressure. Everyone, and I mean everyone, does not perform at their peak when they are under pressure.

Pressure forces the mind to freeze, to make more unforced errors and the more the pressure is felt, the more silly mistakes will be made that you wouldn't normally make.

People manage pressure better than others sure, but all studies show that pressure hinders performance; it does not increase it. 
Increase performance. Get a mind coach.
Unlock your full potential and increase performance

You may want to remember that and etch it firmly in your memory banks.

A good mind coach would have prepared those players better. Mentally equipped them to deal with the stage they were on. As a mind coach, it hurts to see that somebody who was paid GBP 5 million a year to manage our national team, does not even know how important the mental aspect of the game is.

Or maybe he does. Maybe I am being overly harsh.

If he did, he would have sorted them out better. they wouldn't have played such an abysmal game. I increase self confidence in anyone in about 10 to 20 seconds. So there was plenty of time to give this to the players.

How much time are you putting into the mental side of your 'game'? You would be wise to increase it if you answer, 'Not much'.

I cannot stress enough how much your mind plays in all your performance - whether in your sport, your business, your work or on the stage of life. Investing in a good mind coach is one of the best investments you will ever make.

And in case you think this last part is self-promotion, I haven't asked you to contact me. Get any great coach if it means you will perform better and explode your results.

I wish England had.