Saturday, 4 June 2016

If You Aren't Getting What You Want, You Must Change Your Thinking

Your life is the sum total of your consistent thinking.Why? Because everything begins in your mind.

What you have in your life right now is all down to what you habitually think; your dominant thoughts on a constant basis.

This means your successes, your business, the quality of your relationships, what you earn, your health and your happiness is a direct result of how you think or have been thinking.

It therefore stands to reason that the opposite is also true. Your 'failures', the lack of money flowing in your life, the dead-end job you endure week after week, your string of unfulfilled relationships and your unhappiness - is because of what has been, and is, going on in your mind.

So Why Does Positive Thinking not Change Things?

Quite simply positive thinking isn't always enough to change what you earn or to make your life great, achieve more success or experience more happiness.

Sometimes it is what we are thinking on an unconscious level that prevents us from becoming or doing what we dream about. That is why the positive thinking fails. The unconscious mind has infinite powers and it holds the authority to reject positive thoughts.

And it performs this task skilfully, expertly and obediently. Your unconscious mind holds more deeply rooted, powerful thoughts that are opposite to what you are trying to achieve with positive thinking.

You will know these as Limiting Beliefs. I refer to them as Stoppers or Saboteurs. These can be deeply embedded in the unconscious, but they drive your behaviour. They determine what you get in life.

If you don't address these Stoppers or Saboteurs, eliminate them and replace them with beliefs that will support you, you will remain living an average life at best and at worst, live a life of unhappiness and wasted potential.

Dreams will remain pipe dreams.

Your Unconscious Mind is Not an Inner Enemy

These Stoppers or Saboteurs are not there to work against you. They think that they are helping you. There is no inner enemy within you. The opposite is true: Your mind wants to help you. It wants the very best for you.

It's just misguided.

What is a Limiting Belief, Stopper or a Saboteur?

A limiting belief (Stopper) is simply something you believe to be true but is not necessarily so.

All rich people are scumbags is a prime example of one of these.

These Limiting Beliefs need to be challenged. Have you ever questioned them for yourself? I ask about a dozen powerful questions to eliminate these Stoppers and for those real stubborn ones, I take my clients through an exercise that uproots them.

One of the questions I ask is, "Where is your evidence for this belief? Not excuses, evidence?" They never stand up to that question in 99% of examples.

Using the above example, all rich people are scumbags this could be challenged. In fact, when I delved into the unconscious mind of a recent client this example came up. Some of the questions I asked to challenge this Stopper I will share with you.

"I'm really wondering right now, how do you know that?"
"What ALL rich people? How many rich people do you know? How many are you basing this on?"
"I know a fair few rich people who aren't scumbags In fact in my opinion, they are really great, lovely people. Are you saying I don't know people or I am lying?"
"So who told you this?"
"Where did you read this?"
"So, when did you decide this to be true?"
"What about poor people? Could some poor people be considered scumbags?"
"Where is your compelling evidence for this that would convince a jury of your peers it is true?"

(Sometimes I fire these types of questions off in quick succession to cause confusion and so that the client can't actually think about their answers consciously. Sometimes I am also very abrupt and damn right rude. It depends on how strong this limiting belief is said, body language, when it is said etc)

The positive intention of this limiting belief is that it didn't want the client to be seen as a scumbag!

Of course you have to identify these Stoppers when they are on an unconscious level because they sit there behind the scenes, driving the engine. They remain hidden from conscious thinking.

So if you aren't getting what you want I guarantee you now it is because of what is going on in your mind on a constant basis. Carry on with your old thinking patterns and you will remain as you are now. If you are happy with that fine, by all means carry on thinking what you are thinking.

But when you don't try and change you surrender all your rights to ever complain about your life. So if you do nothing, don't go moaning and depressing others about how life sucks, bad luck, the Government, your partner blah blah, blah. Nobody wants to hear it.

The great news is if you change your thinking, you will change your life. It's not rocket science. And, providing you are going to be thinking anyway, it does not require any more effort.

Anything really IS possible if you change your habitual thinking. Start changing it now and soon, you will be in more successful, richer and happier circumstances.

Robert is a published author, NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist™, Life Enhancement Coach (Dip) and has coached people and held seminars and workshops across 4 continents. If you would like personal coaching from Robert to make your life great please go here