Monday, 6 June 2016

Why You Will Never Reach Your True Potential and What You Can Do About It

After my last post about changing your thinking a few days ago, I received a few emails asking why people don't get what they want even though they are trying their best to improve their life.

What was the reason they were under-achieving and what could they do about it?

Today I am going to address why all the positive hype out there about becoming a successful entrepreneur, how to make a million, or just being more successful in general isn't working for millions of people.

And, what you can do about it if you have been struggling to get what you want despite all your efforts to be more, do more and have more.

Incidentally, generally speaking, I don't like to label people as unsuccessful but rather as under-achievers.

A lot of posts, articles and Ebooks online (And books in bookstores) comparing the successful with the unsuccessful

There is a lot of information out there about how how successful people behave, think and what habits they have, being gobbled up by people who want more in life or business. And, as if by magic, you can just adopt these traits overnight and become successful or rich yourself.

It just doesn't work that way.

By the time somebody wants to become successful or a high-achiever they have usually reached adulthood. The damage has already been done. Their Belief Systems have already been established and are firmly locked in place.

They are reading these great articles and books far too late. Their unconscious mind is determining what life they will lead by simply acting on their belief system.

So here's why people never reach their true potential.

Conditioning - Why People Rarely Unleash Their True Potential

Under-Achievers - they are conditioned ultimately by their parents and upbringing about success, money, wealth, happiness and relationships. Usually, this will be mostly negative.

Their parents will often comment about bankers, rich people, success and wealth in negative terms.

For example, "All bankers are thieves. They should all be jailed. None of them care about us, only about getting richer themselves," and on and on it goes.

"We/I, can't afford it" "We don't have the money to do that", "Life never works out", "It's pointless trying", "We can never make ends meet" and other such attitudes are openly spoken about within the confines of the home.

All of these form a belief system that money or being rich or successful is not a good thing to be or can't be achieved.

This system of beliefs will be filed systematically within the unconscious mind. This belief will be acted upon, in most cases, for the rest of their life.

The general conditioning will be of, "Success, money, wealth etc" is 'for other folk'. The under-achievers will simply repeat these patterns in their own life. It is as at home where their belief systems are forged by the furnace of their parents opinions, attitudes and habits with money, success and relationships etc.

The atmosphere at home is one of 'lack in all things'.

This is why, generally speaking, most children do not earn that much more than their parents ever earned (relative).

Yes, it may well be that more people are making it than before, but why are millions struggling to unlock and use their real potential?

High achieving people are conditioned differently. In fact in most cases, the complete opposite to the above. Therefore they simply repeat the same patterns of success. Their belief system is one of 'Fulness' in all things.

They are not prone to negative, repetitive comments that deeply impress young minds, about rich people, money, affluence or success. Their conditioning is healthier - far, far healthier.

So if you were conditioned negatively, what can you do about it?

Remember, most of the beliefs you hold are on an unconscious level; meaning you may well not even be consciously aware of them. Most of these were implanted when you were young so most of them you won't consciously remember either.

In other words, you won't know why you aren't getting what you want even though you have a strong conscious desire to have more.

This is why you see and hear about people who possess that strong desire to get more by committing themselves to attend more seminars, mentoring and mastermind sessions etc, but still fail to improve.

Their Stoppers (Limiting beliefs) are too just powerful. They are the King of the Castle and thoughts of more money or success cannot enter the mind.

In short, the way to get what you want is to employ a personal coach who deals expertly with your current belief system. Your mind must be rewired. Unwanted beliefs must be tackled in this order:

  1. Identified 
  2. Challenged
  3. Eliminated
  4. Replaced (With Beliefs of Excellence)

This is the fastest way to start getting what you want. If you want to earn more money, achieve greater things, have healthier relationships than what you have now, this process must be done.

Yes, you can do it by reading about and adopting habits of others, but that is a much longer, more difficult route. I know; it took me almost two years to get rid of unwanted Stoppers and replace them, using this way.

You Have So Much Potential - Anything is Possible

How did you feel when you read that? What picture was conjured up in your mind? What did you think? What was your inner dialogue?

If you instantly doubted that headline that will be a great indicator of what your belief system really is. Some people consciously think they believe anything really is possible because all the hype is telling them; but deep down they don't. Not on an unconscious level.

So if you have been trying and trying but feel like you have been treading water in pursuit of what you want I guarantee you it will be because of your belief system.

So if you want to to finally start achieving your conscious desires (Dreams and goals) then get in touch. If you don't use me, then use another coach.

Your potential to be more, do more and have more is greater than what you probably think right now. Your greatest achievements are lying dormant and waiting to be unlocked and unleashed on the world.

Change your thinking, change your life.

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