Tuesday, 5 July 2016

3 Lessons for Success from Jose Mourinho

Well the football (Soccer) season, here in the UK, is only a little over a month away. I play in a couple of fantasy leagues so I love watching out for all the latest transfers, gossip and news. It's exciting.

But even more exciting than that, for me as a mind coach and somebody who studies success on a constant basis, is listening to the news conferences of the premier league managers. It fascinates me, it intrigues me.

I listen out for language patterns that the successful and the not-so-successful managers use. Language is a great indicator of course of how somebody thinks. It reveals what people believe, what their expectations are about their goals and other stuff too.
jose mourinho and manchester united success
Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful managers

Now I am a Manchester City fan, but in this post I am want to share with you how Jose Mourinho thinks and believes. Love him or hate him, he is one of the most successful managers of the modern era.

Listening to him speak can give you a clear insight into how he thinks. You can adapt the same thinking and increase your results.

Today he gave a news conference for Manchester United one of the biggest clubs in the world. Here are a couple of lines he spoke today (Emphasis added by me) and a couple of pointers from me.

"...I am not nervous about this challenge. I have shown in the past decade that I can live with big expectations."

(His language here is reinforcing his personal belief system and at the same time boosting his self-confidence)

"I have to prove things to myself, not to others. That's my nature. I would never be able to work without success. I always ask things of myself and of others, that’s in my nature."

(Jose raises his own bar. He has his own high standards. He is not achieving to please or appease others, which is dangerous. He gives his team the same high standards. He demands the best out of people. Has his own mantra in here too which reinforces his strong belief)

"When people have had a certain menu for years, you must improve the menu if you want to change it. Success has been normal at Man United. We want to forget about the last three years. The players must not think about doing better and finishing fourth, that is not the aim."

(Always seeking improvement. Finishing fourth was last year's target; they ended 5th)

So what courageous lessons do we learn from Jose Mourinho?

Whether you are a leader, an entrepreneur, an athlete, the manager of your local football team or somebody who wants to get ahead in their career you can learn from Mourinho's words.

Raise Your Own bar and Compare You With You

"If it's not broken don't try and fix it" I detest that saying. It tramples all over the constant opportunity to improve. What standards have you set for yourself? What do you expect from yourself? Are you looking at how you can improve?

Don't do it For 'Other People' 

When you improve you automatically improve the lives of those around you. However, that shouldn't really be your main reason for achieving more success. You want to do it for you. You aim should be to challenge yourself.
Too many entrepreneurs look at their competition and then, after making an unjustly comparison, try to 'beat them'. You can only ever do your ultimate best. And then a bit more.

Set High Standards for Others (Your Team)

Jose knows that sometimes we can fall a little short of the target we set so we must aim higher. His message to the team is crystal clear: 4th place is not our aim. It was Van Gaal's (The ex Man Utd managers) target at the start of last season. They finished 5th.

It pains me when I hear other premier league managers whose target is 'to stay in the premier league' or to get the minimum amount of points for that aim. What a weak message that is for both themselves and their team.

It's no wonder they are struggling by Christmas.

For your team or the people who work in your business, what do you expect from them? Are you communicating this clearly? Do they know what the goals are? What the vision is, what your purpose is? (I prefer Purpose)

You will be surprised at how many blank faces stare back at me when I ask team members what the longer term goals and targets are. Or what the purpose or vision of the company is, how many more stare back at me blankly. Entrepreneurs fall into this trap too. Everybody should be involved in the Purpose of what you are trying to achieve.

If you are an athlete, what do you expect from your coach? I know a coach is to push you, but as a coach I like to know what my clients expect from me.

Conclusion - Be Brave, Be Brazen and Think Big

Think like Mourinho. Be courageous about what you expect. Expect more, both from yourself and your team. Seek to improve. Set a clear purpose if you are an entrepreneur and make it exciting and grand. Communicate it to your team until it becomes embedded in them.

It doesn't matter what others think. Be brazen with your goals. Set whatever you want in life, business or your sport higher. Be like Jose.

And of course underline it all with your strong, personal belief. Without belief people will simply see, hear or feel empty words. Others won't 'buy into you' or what you are saying.

The quotes above I got from Yahoo. You can read the full article here