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3 Powerful Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

When I was 27 years old I decided to change my life. I wasn't happy with how things were going. I had this niggling doubt at the back of my mind that I could achieve more. I was desiring more too. I wanted stuff other people had; a good job, a nice car, more money and higher self-confidence.

At first, I just didn't know how to get it.

Back in those days, with no Google to help out and self-improvement sections in bookstores so small finding them took gumption, it made my quest harder than what it probably is today.

(I mean now, there are millions of informative blogs - like this one (!) - and self-help guru's in abundance)

So I went on a personal journey to undo the negative conditioning I had suffered and reprogramme my mind. I used powerful tools such as self-hypnosis, subliminal recordings, affirmations and read all I could about success, the mind, the unconscious mind and thinking positive.
No google for robert d hamilton to find success
My journey to success was a needlessly lonely one 27 years ago

I wrote down many positive affirmations and plastered them everywhere in my house and car. Every cupboard anybody opened and they would be hit in the face with one of these affirmations.

It took me 12 solid months to build my self-worth and confidence after the extreme adverse conditioning I had received growing up. I didn't know about NLP at the time either, otherwise I could have reversed all of that in minutes! But I am not complaining, it was well worth the effort.

I Learnt a Vital Lessons in this 12 Months

Well, I learned many lessons about success, especially about how to get what you want when starting from nothing. But I also learned something about affirmations and positive quotes too.

You see if you have too many things to choose from, the mind will decide to choose none of them. It is psychology. The mind will often freeze when hit by too many choices.

Have you ever gone into say a Chinese restaurant or takeaway and looked at their huge menu's? You stand or sit there looking through for 10 to 15 minutes...and the end up ordering what you usually have!

One of the reasons for this is because there are too many choices (The other is because we are creatures of habit) so the mind will be stumped. You won't be able to decide.

It is the same if you use too many affirmations or positive quotes. The mind won't be able to settle on any that will make a difference. When I coach teams I quite often go in offices and see tons of positive quotes on the walls. They aren't making any difference because there are too many.

So I have only used 3 affirmations for the past 27 years. These are powerful and I still use them to this day. Old habits can die hard, so these prevent old conditioning from resurfacing.

Affirmation # 1 "I am a unique and extraordinary person" 

This is my ultimate favourite and is great for self-confidence and for making a high personal impact. Before I speak or conduct a workshop, or have a meeting with a prospective client, I will repeat this to myself in a relaxed manner, over and over again.

Try it. You will notice immediate changes in your physiology and stature. You energy vibration will naturally grow along with your 'presence'.

Use it the day before that big interview and for 10 minutes before you walk into the office where you will be interviewed. Try it before you give that important presentation or sales pitch.

Affirmation # 2 "I am worthy and deserving of financial success" 

This one I say to myself before I sleep. That way it impregnates my unconscious mind deeper. This is sending a strong message to my unconscious money manager to remind him, and ensure, he never allows me to undervalue myself or my services.

If you aren't earning the money you desire this will work magic. Limiting beliefs about self-worth and money are the biggest stumbling blocks to earning that big income you want.

Affirmation # 3 "Wealth, Success" 

I use this one from the remarkable and classic book by Dr. Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind which I first read some 27 years ago. The idea is that by simply saying these two words, as a lullaby, your unconscious mind cannot 'argue' with it; it will offer no resistance to the command of, wealth and success.

This is a great one to use if you have not eliminated those limiting beliefs you may have about money.

So if you are on that road to what you call success, or are trying to get back on it, find two or three affirmations and stick with those ones only. Using too many, they automatically lose their immense power. Find two or three that resonate with you; you know, the ones that look or feel right for you.

They can really work wonders for you. Wire them into your whole thinking and nervous system. Live and breath by them. Remember, be consistent (Whichever ones you choose) and use them softly, repetitiously and without force.

Last thing at night or first thing in the morning and when you visualize is best. Their effect can be truly life changing.

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