Saturday, 23 July 2016

3 Uplifting Reasons Why You Should Live Your Life with Passion

Before outstanding film director and producer Steven Spielberg had become successful he would get to his work and skip breakfast. Why? because he was so passionate about wanting to make films that he would actually forget to eat.

Now that is passion.

You don't have to 'make it' before you can become passionate, in fact the reverse is usually true; Success follows passion. Incidentally, if you haven't found what your passion is just yet, you can still be passionate about other aspects of your life.
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1) Passion has Power and Positive Influence

Have you ever been in the company of somebody who is totally passionate about what they do even if it is something you don't particularly care for? It shows. It can almost get you thinking that what they do is for you.

Living your life with passion will have the same influence over the people you meet too. Now what you do might not be what the other person cares for either, but if you have left a mark with them, they are more likely to recommend you to people who do want what you have.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. – Oprah Winfrey

It will also help in your close personal relationships too. If they see that you are truly passionate about what you are doing they are more likely to support you in the early days or through those times you meet setbacks.

I have found people are magically drawn to you and want to be around you when you are passionate about what you do. It fills you with immense, almost mystical power and it rubs off on those around you.

I remember staying with a self-made multimillionaire in Perth, Australia for a few days, a money mentor and a truly inspirational and passionate chap called Paul Counsel.

We talked constantly, for almost three days about about the mind, neuroscience and people achieving. We didn't get bored. We were passionate about it all.

2) Living with Passion Makes You Happier and Fulfilled

I have yet to meet anyone who is really passionate about what they do to be unhappy. Generally speaking, I have found the opposite to be true; they are really, really happy. And it's refreshingly contagious.

Live your life with passion - Tony Robbins

And so it is with you. When you are waking up in the morning raring to go you will be happier. How can you not be? You are following your dream, you are doing what you love to do.

Go and find someone who is passionate about what they do and then compare their happiness levels with somebody who is stuck in a job they despise. You'll see a major difference.

Living with passion creates a higher sense of personal fulfilment too. And no success is complete without fulfilment.

I chased money as my goal in my thirties. I achieved it, earning my massive dream income. After 3 years I quit the job. Everybody thought I was nuts giving up such mammoth earnings. But I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve.

But the main reason I left was because I was no longer getting any personal fulfilment from the role. I had a new passion to chase. I am now living that passion - coaching, writing, speaking and workshops.

When you are passionate about what you do, your business, your job, your relationships, your life-it shows.

3) Living with Passion Makes Your Journey Fabulous

The old saying, "It's not the destination but the journey that counts" is true. Why? because passionate people are always striving to learn more and better their own standards. They are constantly seeking ways to self-improve and enhance what they do. 

You become a wiser, better person if you like. You will always be learning something new and experiencing new and wonderful things! Growth is good for the mind, body and soul. You aren't here to stagnate.

If you aren't passionate about what you do, how can you expect others to be passionate about what you do?

Living with passion also helps you unlock more of your potential and creativity. People with passion are game-changers in this world which adds more substance and feeling to being truly fulfilled.

Are You Passionate About What You Do?

Study the lives of other passionate people. Find the people you know who are passionate about what they do and spend some time with them. Observe them, learn from them. See how they are living their life. Ask them questions, they will answer you. Passionate people like helping others.

So be passionate. If you haven't found what that passion is yet, keep looking until you do. It's never too early and never too late to discover what it is. Make it your mission to find it. Don't ever stop. You could become passionate about discovering what your passion is!

Your whole life will change for the better when you start living your life with passion.