Thursday, 21 July 2016

4 Obstacles You are Likely to Meet on the Road to Success

If success was easy, as the saying goes, everyone would be doing it. The reality is the road to getting what we want can be fraught with obstacles. Rarely, if ever, is the pathway clear of all obstructions.

I have also found over the years that even when the end result is in plain sight and right before me, something can fall into the road as if out of nowhere. These unexpected bumps in the road can knock some people off track.

But there are some that you can prepare for or be aware of. This is being proactive rather than reactive.
obstacles, be prepared, success, journey
 Virtually any obstacle can be overcome

So here are 4 such snags that you could very well meet whilst on your exciting journey to whatever it is you are pursuing.

Family, Spouse, Partner

Success can take time, hard work and long hours, especially in the early stages. This can be discouraging for your spouse or partner if they are not completely 'sold' on your idea or dream of a better life or big business.

The closer people are to us, the more influence they can have. Especially kids, who are extremely adept at tugging on our heartstrings. Your spouse or partner can quite literally make or break you.

Make sure your other half is with you and on board with what you want to achieve. Make sure the dream you are aiming for benefits you both (Ecological) and doubly ensure they know what it is! And then remind them often.


You may think that you are a strong willed person (I am sure you are) however the opinions of well-meaning friends can affect us for better or worse. Stay around the friends who inspire you and who have like-minded goals and dreams.

Be prepared, as you grow on your journey, to lose some people who you now call good friends. Even those you have known all your life can leave you. Or you may have to leave them behind.

The Naysayers, Haters (And Trolls)

Unfortunately, some of these can be close friends and even extended family members. But whoever they are, they don't believe that you can go onto bigger and better things. They don't want you to achieve your dreams. They want you to stay as average and as miserable as they are.

Some of their criticisms can be harsh, darn right nasty and even hurtful. When I became a published author, I suddenly had old 'friends' come out of the woodwork and openly attack me on social media. I had done no harm to them whatsoever and I wasn't expecting it from people I hadn't seen in 7 or 8 years or so but who had me as a 'friend' on social media.

I have to mention Trolls here too because these are everywhere in today's internet driven world. Hiding behind their computer screen, some are well versed with words of attack and if your success requires you to be more in the public eye or having a high social media profile, you are open to the likes of such people (?) attacking you.

All you can do is rise above and press forwards. The more successful you become, the more you will receive this kind of attention from time to time. It is inevitable that some feathers will be ruffled through no fault of yours on your journey.

Personal Guilt

Yes, even this can become a stumbling block on your road to success believe it or not. Some people can often feel that they don't deserve their success. This can be heightened if the person feels for people less fortunate than themselves. This can be other family members, friends who have struggled (or struggling) or people on the other side of the planet in a war torn country.

This kind of restriction can be more powerful than you probably think. Why? because this is not something that you will be consciously thinking.

So you won't be sat there one night with a big achievement you are proud of and suddenly say, "Oh I better not advance anymore. I feel too guilty about my brother who is struggling, so I will stop here"

It will be taking place on an unconscious level where you don't know it is happening.

(Even though you are committed, passionate and working hard, a sign you may have an unconscious blockage will be when you get such thoughts as, "Why aren't I achieving what I want?" "What am I doing wrong?")

Remember when you are doing well, you are in a better position to help others. You are just as worthy as the next girl or guy to have whatever you want in life too.

So are you prepared for such hindrances? They will more than likely occur; not all at once and maybe not all of them, but they will show up.

A point to note is that when you have a strong belief that you will succeed, high self-confidence and a clear, compelling and exciting goal in front of you, any obstacle automatically becomes smaller. As Henry Ford aptly said,

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal"

You can achieve the success you have your heart and mind set on. Jump every hurdle you see and the prize will sure enough, be yours.