Monday, 25 July 2016

5 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Self-Confidence

"With confidence you can pull anything off" said Katy Perry. I believe her too.

Self-confidence is a cornerstone to success. You can have belief and a set of goals a mile long. You can have great talent too. But it means absolutely nothing if you lack self-confidence. Why? because confidence empowers you to take the necessary action to getting what you want.

In my 26 years or so of studying people and 10 years of coaching thousands more either one-on-one or through my workshops, self-confidence has been a huge contributing factor to their success...or a lack of it.
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Confidence can of course be lost as we travel through life. The loss of a job or business, the break-up of a relationship, a controlling partner or a constant stream of setbacks or rejection as we pursue our goals can take away the deposits we have placed in our self-confidence bank.

I know a truly superb singer overseas. I mean this young lady could get on X Factor, American Idol or The Voice and go far. Unfortunately for her, somebody close to her who didn't want her to pursue a singing career, criticised her so many times that is has shattered her self-confidence to go for it!

The really great news about self-confidence?

Confidence can also be rebuilt or strengthened. It's exactly like a muscle. Put a bit of effort into building it and it will grow. And when your confidence is healthy and high you can do such things as;

  • Start that new business you have had your mind set on
  • Go see that stern looking bank manager about the loan
  • Improve your performance in your sport (Job, business etc)
  • Ask your boss for that much needed pay rise
  • Excel at the job interview
  • Deal with other people more assertively
  • Go and ask that guy out on a date!
  • And so much more of course!

So here are 5 things you can put into your daily life and instantly boost your self-confidence 

1) Alter your physiology

Your physiology changes your psychology. When sitting down don't slouch, even if you are at work. Sit with your back upright and shoulders back. Studies have shown that a slouched, closed or hunched body position adversely affects self-confidence and performance. Do the same when you are walking.

Be mindful of your posture at regular intervals to keep your self-confidence high.

2) Walk faster than normal

Again this falls under physiology. But the speed you walk directly influences your confidence. When I used to interview people, slow walkers were more inclined to lack self-confidence as opposed to the people who walked a little faster.

Whenever possible, I would ensure that all interviewees had to walk a fair distance towards me. I could weigh them up by the time they got to my desk!

So increase your walking speed by just 20% and you will see a marked increase in your confidence.

3) Dress well

It's the old saying of, "If you look good, you feel good". Think back to the last time you bought a new dress or suit, how did you feel? Like a million dollars right? This does not mean that you have to wear Armani, Gucci or Boss, but just look your best.

Go take a look at yourself right you look confident? Do you feel good in what you are wearing? If you feel confident, you are more likely to act confident. Think, feel, become.

4) Remember your past achievements

I have a list written down and in my notes on my android, of 20 big and small achievements from my life. Whenever I need a boost of confidence I look at this list to remind myself of how great I really am and can be.

These can be any moments or events in your life when you have done anything well. And like I say, they don't have to be major things. The purpose of this list is purely to boost your self-confidence.

5) Strike a pose and add rocket fuel to your self-confidence

On my workshops I anchor the participants self-confidence (One to one I turbocharge their confidence in about 20 seconds)  by getting them to strike a pose.

This can be done simply by standing up and recalling a time when you were fully self-confident. Close your eyes and travel back to that time. Then float down into your body and see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt at that time.

Take a note of how you are standing when you are fully reliving this experience and you can feel exactly like you did then. Now shake your body up and down and then stand back in the position you were just in. This will instantly improve your self confidence.

(You can repeat this simple but powerful exercise a couple of times if needed. But make sure you shake your body between each one. Each time should only take you about 20 seconds)

This is a powerful technique you can recall and use at anytime. For example, before you walk in for that interview, conduct that presentation to the board, or before you slink across the dance floor to ask that lady to dance!

I have my self-confidence powerfully anchored like this. Before I go on stage to speak or do a workshop I put myself into a highly confident state of mind. It really is so powerful.

All confidence is learned and acquired.

Self-confidence really is critical to your success. A lack of it, like I mentioned before, prevents so many people from chasing the success they want.

Take a few minutes each day to build yours and you will see an increase in your results - instantly!

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