Thursday, 28 July 2016

9 Life Tips for Millennials

I remember when I was growing up my parents would often say, "You don't know how lucky you have got it." Or, "We had it tougher than you when we were growing up". I hated it. I still think it's said quite a lot today too.
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Millennials are under different pressure today

I don't think my generation had it any tougher than what it is today - I just think the challenges and tests put on the younger generation today are different. However, I do think there is more pressure on younger people than ever before, thanks mainly to the rise in social media and the messages being pumped out on it.

So to help release some of that pressure, here are 9 life tips for those young ones who are now referred to as, Millennials.

1) It's okay if you didn't do that well at school

Your teachers weren't saying that I know. They haven't changed. Back in the day when I was at school, they made me feel like my life would be utterly wasted if I didn't get A's. How wrong they were...

A lot of the highly successful people I know and who I have studied for 27 years, were only C grade students. Others left without any exam results at all. It is what you do now that matters. Dare to dream.

Don't believe the teachers. You are not on the scrap-heap wasting away.

2) You can always learn something new

The greatest discovery in the world say some, is our ability to learn and grow. It is the same with you. You can learn-as-you-go. I am not academic but I class myself as fairly wise and intelligent. I have acquired that knowledge over the years. So can you.

Start reading about things that interest you. Stuff that get's you excited or that you care about. You never know where it might lead you in the future. You have a wealth of knowledge right in front of you just by pressing Enter in Google's search bar. Use it to your advantage.

3) Be 'happily discontent' with your boring or dead-end job

Yes you maybe in a job you don't really like but be happy and work hard at it. Not for your boss or to be seen as sucking-up to the boss. Do it for your own ethics and standards. Working well will give you greater satisfaction (Even if you are in a job you hate) and help you grow.

Plus you will be setting standards for when you land that dream job or start your own business.

4) Learn from your boss

Your boss is teaching you great lessons right now. She is either a 'shining light' or a 'horrible warning'. Learn from them. Learn how to lead other people, it will stand you in good stead. Even if you currently have a horrible boss you can still learn.

You can learn how not to lead others. Again, this will help you if you choose to climb the corporate ladder or start out on your own one day.

5) Be different

When I set off on the road to success when I was 27 (I was a late bloomer really) I had to be different from the people around me. I had to do what they weren't doing. I had to think like they weren't thinking. They were still interested in doing nothing. They had no dreams or ambitions. I did. Unfortunately, I had to part company with some of them.

So look at what others around you are doing. Look at their habits and behaviours. If they are only interested in clubbing, watching Big Brother and sitting around all evening, then be different to them.

Look at your co-workers. I bet 95%, or higher, arrive dead-on time and leave by the clock. Be first in and last out.

Of course this tip only matters if you want to grow and make something with your life.

6) Don't become obsessed with 'Celebs'

Maybe obsessed is a little strong here. What I mean is, don't get so wrapped-up with them. Why? Because what happens is they start living your dreams for you. Or to put it another way, they can actually suck your dreams away from you.

Have heroes. That's different. They can inspire you and you can learn from them.

7) Stop comparing yourself to others

Most of the photo's you see online have been airbrushed or photo-shopped. They don't look like that first thing in the morning. And so what to how "they" look anyway? It makes no difference to you or to what you can achieve, who you want to become or who you can attract into your life. Self-confidence is one of the biggest things that make people stand out. Work on that instead.

Be fully happy with who you are. Tell yourself often and in the mirror, "I love you". And I don't care whether you are male or female. When you are happy with yourself, other people will be drawn to you, no matter how your physical appearance.

As the saying goes, beauty comes from within.

8) Try not to think that your 'issues' are the worst there is

If you went and took 5 random people right now and stood them in line with you and you all dumped your 'problems' on the path in front of you, whose do you think you would pick up and keep?

It doesn't depend on what their issues are at all.

You will keep your own life issues, regardless of what they are, when compared to issues other people have. Thinking like this is not to make light of any issues you may have right now, it is simply to put them into perspective. We all get them.

They make us grow and become wiser. You can learn a great deal from these. They are part and parcel of life's journey. They don't define who you are and they won't break you unless you choose to let them.

But most importantly, you can overcome virtually anything. You do have what it takes.

9) You don't have to be well-known or successful by the time you are 25 or 30

Social media and savvy marketing techniques will lead you to believe that you must be a 'somebody' or well known and successful by the time you are 30! It is not the case.

Sure, we have all heard of Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook from his dorm and making it early. That's an exception. You don't have to be well-known to be successful and neither do you have to be successful by the time you are 30 either.

Your 20's can be your experimental years. These are the years when you try different jobs, new things, other interests etc. There is no pressure to have 'made it' by the time you are 25 or even 30.

Most people I know who are very successful are not known by anyone. And they didn't achieve it all by the time they were 30 either. In fact, it was much later. Your 30's are your building years. If you find what you love to do before that time, then great, run with it.

So again, try not be sucked into everything you see on social media or trendy programmes like X Factor. Becoming successful can take hard work and most of all, time. Be patient.

Keep on dreaming. You can be whoever you want to be. The only limits to what  you can get in life are those that you place on yourself. Release the shackles. You can do it.