Monday, 11 July 2016

How to Cope with the Onslaught of Today's Doom and Gloom

How and what you think determines what you will experience; it's all about perception.

Why is it that what you might think is a mountain in the way of your happiness to me could be a molehill? It is because how we perceive the obstacle.
Doom and gloom sells.
Doom and Gloom is BIG Business

An argument with your better half before work might send you into negative emotions that disrupt your whole working day. For me, I may well put it to the back of my mind knowing that I cannot do anything about it right now and will therefore deal with it when I get home. My working day won't be affected.

We've both had an argument. But our perception of the event is different so our actions, and therefore our experiences, will be also.

Your molehill by the same rule, could be my mountain.

And so it is with the world and all the doom and gloom that is on every media channel, including social media.

The world hasn't suddenly spiralled out of control. But our awareness of what is going on in the world has increased a hundredfold or more.

Take Racism

Racism isn't on the increase, it is on the decline. Just take a look back to the 60's and 70's and you will see this to be true. As late as the 80's racism was actively promoted and encouraged. Sure it still exists, but it is not as bad as it used to be.

Now just in case you think I am being nonchalant, I am not. I detest racism in all its form and any degree of it. I am a people lover. It shouldn't exist in any format in any society.

But again, our awareness of the problem has increased significantly that it may well appear to be worse than what it is in reality. Video footage and social media has made us all more aware.

Great strides have been made in the fight against racism in the last few decades even though a lot more still needs to be done.

Bad News Sells

I think it was back in the 90's that there was a newspaper started full of good news - and only good news. It went bust after just a couple of months. Nobody bought the paper. Yup, nobody wanted to read about the good stuff happening.

The media are fully aware of this. As a species, I think we are all a little too prone to bad news.

Just look at how many people rubberneck after a major accident. Look at how quickly people want to share with you the latest passing of someone.

We are hooked on bad news. Bad news sells. It increases viewing figures, readership and therefore advertising revenues. Bad news is big in business terms. And somehow, to some people, reading or listening to other people's bad news kind of takes some of the internal pain away from their current shortcomings.

Bad news makes a lot of people feel better.

What You Focus on and What You Believe is What You Will See and Experience

When I conduct my workshops and seminars about Limiting Beliefs I do an exercise on what people believe about the world. Why? because what you believe about the world (And other things) will determine what you see and get.

It can affect your, better or worse, your chances of success and happiness (Sometimes these limiting beliefs are held on a n unconscious level where we aren't aware of them; nevertheless, they still influence)

In other words, if you believe that the world is just one big, nasty messed up place, guess what? Yes, that's what you will see more of and therefore that will drastically alter or determine what you experience.

It works like this:

What you believe your mind actively seeks out to substantiate those beliefs. It will look for every possible clue or sign to prove you are right in what you believe.

And now here's the real deal breaker...

It will ignore evidence contrary to your beliefs. This is so important I am going to say it again:

It will ignore evidence contrary to your beliefs.

So if you believe that the world generally is a violent, uncaring world, your mind will actively seek out stuff to prove you right and ignore all evidence to the contrary.
In other words, your mind, will not acknowledge, or will gloss over the amazing and countless good deeds that are taking place in the world.

You see how it works? Do you get that? This applies incidentally, to whatever you believe to be true.

I Apply This

"In times like these, it's great to know that there has always been times like these"

I forget who said that now, but think about it, it is true.

Politics has probably always been full of some people who prefer the personal power than doing good for the community. There has always been needlessly greedy money-lenders. There have always been tragedies. There have always been natural disasters. There have always been grotesque murders and killings and pointless wars across the globe.

You get my drift right?

So that works for me. I use that. But I also do fully believe that the world is a wonderful place. I think we live in great times. I think there are many fantastic and kind people on this planet. Yeah sure, there are a lot of things that could be (And need to be) put right, but on the whole I think the world is marvellous, I really do.

And I am fully aware that our awareness of events has risen.

I Rarely Watch the News

I prefer to read the news. That way, I control what I want to enter into the world of my mind. I choose what, and more importantly, what not to read. Again, this works for me.

This is not burying my head in the sand. But there are a lot of things I cannot control! Taking all that is wrong with our beautiful planet into my head and onto my shoulders is not going to fix it all. It is not apathy either.

(I have plans to work with first-time offenders to inspire them and to help them see that everyone deserves a second chance and that you can still create and live a great a life after making a mistake)

If You Want to Help Others, First Start With Yourself

By keeping myself more worry-free I can better help others through my coaching. I am better equipped to change a life and then that person changes her life and the lives of those around her. That will eventually have a ripple effect on even more people.

That is my small but significant contribution to making the world an even better place. I can't possibly join all the causes or help in every area that needs improving. And neither can you.

So no, the world in my belief system is a great place with many glorious things taking place each and every day. Random acts of kindness; communities pulling together, good causes being started up and so many other great people, doing their small but significant part, making our world an even better place to live.

It is only the awareness of events that has risen my friends. The world has not gone to the dogs. It's not all doom and gloom as social and news media will have you believe. The world is a truly magnificent, happy and inspiring place to live.

But it's what you believe that counts for you, not what I believe.

Change your thinking and you will, quite literally, change your life (And of those around you).

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