Monday, 18 July 2016

What's Growing in the Garden of Your Mind?

It was a beautiful hot morning earlier today here in the UK; a welcome respite from the cloud and rain we have been getting. I love the heat. And it made the best weather to do some gardening for somebody.

Now gardening is not one of my favourite pastimes but as I was weeding away, it got me thinking just how much our minds, that place where all our results and achievement begin, are like a small garden and how they need the same care.

The Soil (Your unconscious mind, Limiting Beliefs)

A lot of people think that the seeds are the most important part of any garden and often overlook that in fact it is the soil.

For plants to grow to their absolute best the soil the seeds are planted in needs to be fertile. I liken the soil to our unconscious mind. Our unconscious minds need to be fertile too. This means that your unconscious mind should be ready for planting the seeds (Goals and dreams) that you want to see grow and appear in your life.

A fertile soil in this case is one that doesn't have any unwanted, unconscious beliefs (Limiting Beliefs)

These are the beliefs that we are unaware of but still can hold you back. They are the most powerful. This part of your garden needs to be the best it can be.
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Are you weeding your mind?

You can keep planting positive thoughts into your mind, but if the soil is not rich enough, they won't take a strong or deep enough root.

The Weeds (Negative, thoughts, self-doubt etc)

The next step to your beautiful garden is to uproot the weeds that you can see. It is absolutely pointless putting in some roses if they are going to be strangled before they blossom. The weeds in your mind, that you are aware of, need to be uprooted and thrown away.

These weeds can be in all shapes, sizes and forms. Your self-doubt, lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem are the weeds you are probably aware of.

If you are only planting weeds, weeds is all you will get.

The Flowers (Positive thoughts, goals, dreams, what you want)

Now that you have the best soil possible and you have taken out those destructive weeds, your flower seeds (Positive thoughts, dreams, goals, aspirations) have a better chance of making stronger roots.

With a clearer patch in front of you, what you plant can now grow almost trouble free. Starting that new business, getting that new job, repairing that relationship all have a better chance of succeeding.

If you plant nothing at all in your garden, it will not stay bare for very long. Soon, it will be overgrown with weeds, nettles, and worse still dandelions.

Dandelions can be rather deceiving. They may look pretty but they are still a weed. And you will have unwanted stuff in your mind or life that may look pretty but not doing you an ounce of good.

The Garden Maintenance (Continuous improvement)

Anyone who has had a small garden will know that although nature will take its course, the garden still has to be tended to - and with the greatest of care.

Left unattended those pesky weeds can quickly come back and stifle the growth of your beautiful flowers. Even though the flowers will still manage to grow, the weeds can overtake the garden; your beautiful orchids will not be seen or appreciated.

So it is with your mind. Just because you have set yourself some goals in the best soil, have weeded the patch and planted the seeds, you must still nurture them with love and care as you watch them grow. The plants must be watered and a watchful eye for the re-growth of weeds is also needed.

Ugly Slugs

Outside conditions can blow weeds into your garden overtime. That is why you must always be vigilant with your mind.

Other people's negative opinions, setbacks and obstacles can be dumped in your mind too; like ugly, unwelcome slugs.

So like a garden, you must be vigilant with your mind too. Whatever you plant in your garden (Mind) will soon flourish into your outer world.

What is growing in your garden right now?

What are you currently seeing? Beautiful blooming shrubbery or a bed of unwanted nettles and dandelions? If you have recently planted some new seeds, is the soil fertile enough? Are you aware they will need looking after in order for them to grandly appear in your world and in time?

Are you taking the necessary steps to continually improve? Remember, your mind is under constant threat from negativity and those ugly slugs.

So get the best soil possible to give your goals the best chance possible to bloom. Look after your dreams. Nurture them, tender them, water them often. Be vigilant with them.

You'll be surprised at what can grow from the garden of your mind if you look after it.

Remember, #Youcanachieve

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