Friday, 15 July 2016

Why Thinking Big and Small is Critical to Your Success

You are working hard. You have goals and dreams that you want to achieve and you are truly passionate about them.

Maybe your dreams are of leaving the corporate world and starting a business so you can work for yourself? Or perhaps the opposite is true? Maybe you want to climb the ladder and be a CEO for a major blue chip company?

I have found a lot of people get these fleeting thoughts of dreaming big but then hit an obstacle or listen to opinions of small minded people, or miss out on a promotion and then they give up. They shelve their dreams.

Others can fall into the average trap, become like their co-workers are end up being 'happy' with their job. Whatever the reasons for unnecessary underachievement, too many people settle for far too less. They are limiting their potential by thinking small.

Thinking BIG

I believe fully in thinking big. And I think you should too. Anything really is possible for anyone - and that includes you.

When I started out on the road to success knocking on doors selling security systems, I was thinking BIG all the time. I wanted to be a big-shot Director in a multi-million dollar firm.
dream big for more success
Grab your dream and make it BIGGER

At the time I started canvassing, I was having to jump trains to get to and from work because of no money. I had to get off the train a stop early where there was no ticket collector and walk home. That wasn't what I would call brilliant on a cold, wet winter's night.

That could have been a great excuse to doubt and quit my dreams; but it never stopped me thinking BIG.

Thinking big is good for your success. If you think about it, there is far more room at the top than there is at the bottom. The bottom is overcrowded with other small thinking people. That's where the larger crowd lives.

Thinking big really opens your mind. If you have a business, do you have big plans? Whatever goal or dream you have right now go grab it and why not double it? Treble it? Multiply it by ten! And see what it does for you.

There is immense power in thinking BIG.

I reached my goal. I became Group Business Director for a multi-million pound money-making machine.

Even now I am thinking BIG and I am 54. I have no plans to 'retire'. I am going to work until I am 80. I am going to be on the world stage with my coaching.

Thinking Small...

Now I am going to tell you to think small. Well, to be mindful of thinking small. Success can take time. When we think big we can quite often make comparisons with others who have already made it big.

think small for success
Every large success you see, started small
 And that can be fatal, disheartening and demoralising.

By thinking small what I mean is this:

Remember that all those big successes you see; all those huge firms; the internet marketer making thousands a day; or that CEO you admire: everything starts small to begin with.

If you keep that in mind and add a little patience to your big dreams, you will be fine.

Oh, and break your big goal down into bitesize chunks. Thinking big without breaking the goal down into tiny steps can engulf you with a feeling of overwhelm and prevent you from starting your dream or cause you to settle for average. Like the crowd do.

Never be like the crowd. Think big and then think small.

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