Monday, 1 August 2016

3 Ways You Can Achieve More - Unlock Your Potential

Do you sometimes stop and think and dream about doing more, being more or achieving more? Have you unlocked your full potential and more importantly, are you using it?

When you do tap into that reservoir of ability that is inside you, you might be surprised by how much more you could be achieving. As a self-improvement coach, I witness people achieving their 'impossible' frequently.

There is nothing more satisfying for me when I get a call, see a client or receive an email from somebody who I have coached and them telling me with great excitement how their life or results have improved. And way beyond their initial expectations.

Have you unlocked your full potential? You can achieve so much more when you do.

I coached a lady while back who was procrastinating, big time. For one whole year she had been wishing about becoming an author and leadership coach. She had taken very little action. She had no belief, her self-confidence was low and she therefore had made no goals.

(One or all three of these are usually the main reason for procrastination)

But what she did possess in abundance was the courage to seek coaching. 3 months later, with a total time of just over 4 hours with me, her great Ebook was accepted with a major bookstore (She wrote and submitted it herself), she was heading leadership training for blue chip companies and was charging 5 times more than she originally thought she could charge.

That's the power you can gain from these 3 strategies alone.

That's what gives me a big kick. Of course I like the fee's as well. But the biggest reward is seeing such people who are now doing so much more than they thought they could.

So here are 3 strategies you can work with so you can achieve more. At the end of this post there is a short 3 minute video you can watch explaining them too.

1) Your Personal Belief

Yes, I do blog about this a lot. Why? Well, so many people say, "yeah, yeah, yeah" to this; yet usually these are the very same people who aren't fully believing in themselves.

Your belief is the foundation, the cornerstone to what you achieve and how far you go. This one trait is the key to unlocking your full potential. Just today I read the comments by the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on his talented midfielder, Oxlade-Chamberlain discussing his potential. Here are two lines from it (Emphasis added by me)

"[He gives us] power and penetration - he has it all," added Wenger. "That's why I would like him to get to the level he can go to.
"Maybe he doesn't completely believe himself how good he can be and that's the final step for him.
So you see that? He could be achieving so much more if he just believed in himself a bit more. His talent alone is not enough. His hard work is not enough. His skills training is not the answer to unlocking and unleashing his full potential. His belief is.

Sometimes the reason we cannot fully believe in ourselves is because our unconscious mind has "Limiting beliefs" or 'Stoppers' as I refer to them. These prevent us from unlocking our potential and achieving what we are truly capable of.

So are you believing in yourself? I don't mean wishy-washy belief. I mean an unshakeable belief that you can and will achieve more? Can you feel it in every fibre of your body? Are you so excited because you know you have unlocked your full potential and that anything really is possible for you and your dreams?

That is an intense belief. A 'Knowing' inside that nothing, no obstacle, nobody and no setback can squash.

2) Your Self-Confidence

Your self-confidence empowers you to take the necessary action and calculated risks on what you believe. Without this character trait, you will be unable to build upon your strong foundation of personal belief.

Confidence can be lost over time. But the great news is it can also be built too. I build super self-confidence in people in about 20 seconds, and it never leaves them. But this is something you can build by yourself, if you have a desire to achieve more.

Work your confidence muscle as often as you can. Take it to your mental gym and it will start growing - and fast.

Are you fully self-confident in the areas that will get you being more, doing more or achieving more?

I blogged about 5 ways you can boost your self-confidence here

3) Your Goals

You should look at goals as a plan. Wishing takes the same energy as planning said the great female and first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, and it is true.

I know people who plan their holidays, birthdays, BBQ's, parties and weddings with military precision. They don't sit there wishing that the wedding will go okay. Yet when it comes to the rest of their life and getting the things that will improve it, they don't put the effort in.

Your brain needs an outcome (Goals) to work towards. It wants clear instructions on where you want to go. Once it has these, your unconscious mind will set about its task of finding the fastest and easiest way to get you there - faithfully and obediently - if you set successful outcomes.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there - Anon

Create exciting, compelling goals to aim for. They help you overcome any obstacle or setback easier and faster.

Where will you be in six months time? One year? Two years? Five years? Do you have something exciting and compelling that you are aiming for? Something that ejects you out of bed in the morning, raring to go? You should my friend.

Seriously, if you work on these three areas alone you can completely change your life. I assure you that within three to six months you will be well on the way to achieving whatever you want. Your life will greatly improve.

If you can't yet fathom out how to build these strategies on your own so they work successfully for you, then get a good personal coach. They will accelerate your journey.

And most of all, you will be using your full potential and surprising yourself with your latest achievements. Go get to work and make it happen. You CAN achieve more!

Why not watch the short video?

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