Monday, 29 August 2016

7 Traits You Want in Your Coach or Mentor

There is currently an explosion in personal coaching; it has become a multimillion pound and dollar industry. Why? because people are realising that it is a faster way to achieving what you want or living your life at the next level.

However, there are coaches and there are coaches. Finding the right one can be a minefield. Seriously.
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A great coach will get you achieving
your best ever results

Only last week I met an ex lawyer at one of my talks who was looking to start his own business and was struggling with the transition of moving from secure employment to the uncertainty of self-employment.

He said to me, "I have had 3 coaches now Robert and each one has left me with the problems that I went to them with"

It is important you find a coach who is actually going to not only get you the results you want, but also help you achieve some of those goals you might now think are beyond you.

So if you are looking for an outstanding coach or mentor there are certain qualities that people who want to get better results, look for.

These are the traits that people like Branson, Oprah (Yes, they both have a personal coach) and world-class athletes will want in their coach. So check that they not only possess these qualities but they are excellent at communicating them.

They are not placed in order of importance.

Goal Focused

A great coach knows that in order to get better results, goals are the lifeblood of performance. "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it". Goals are vital to achievement and a good coach will help you set goals that are not only achievable, but challenge you too.


The road to success is not always easy; there can be potholes, bumps and other obstacles. There will be challenging times. The role of your coach is to help motivate you when you are struggling to motivate yourself.


The # 1 reason personal coaching can benefit you over all other forms of learning like reading, online training, seminars and even group coaching - is feedback. In huge seminars feedback is lost; a book doesn't talk back to you and neither does an online training programme.

You need to know how you are performing.


You have goals, but how are you going to reach them? A great coach will work with you to provide a detailed roadmap of how you will achieve your best results.

Honesty - Directness

When I stayed in the USA, it seemed that so many people were running round telling everyone how 'awesome' they were. Of course, if you are being awesome, you need to be told. But you also want a coach who isn't afraid to have that tough talk with you. To tell you 'how it really is'.

Strangely enough, these can be the times that can get you to perform even better.

Stretching You

You want a coach who will not only set goals you can achieve, but goals that s-t-r-e-t-c-h you. More often than not what you think is your best performance is not. You can actually achieve even more. Ensure your coach is constantly helping you raise your own bar.

Timing - Intuition - Experience

I have titled this under 3 headings that are all interconnected. In my opinion, knowing when to motivate you, when to give you a tough talk, when to remind you of your goals, when to give the appropriate feedback (and when to leave you alone) is of paramount importance.

Knowing precisely what to say and when to say it can be all the difference between a winning performance or result - and not.

So if you are seeking a coach or mentor ensure that these traits are present. Anything less and you aren't going to perform at your best.

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