Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Are You Doing Your Part for the Success You Seek?

Today I came across a Facebook post (as you do) that had a great quote to it. And it got me thinking about what I would write about today. So here is a quick read.

The quote, which is in the attached picture also, is this:

"When you do your part, the Lord adds His power to your efforts" Henry B Eyring

I just really like this. Now, I believe in God (But it's 100% okay with me if you don't) and so I don't want to take away from the wisdom contained in this small saying. So I also know that this wise man of God could also be referring to doing His work.

But life and business, success and your results are also built on this same powerful principle.

When you do your part, God, life, unseen powers, higher powers, the universe (use whichever you see fit) will do theirs. "They" will reward your efforts.

One of the questions I ask people, and especially entrepreneurs, when coaching is, "What have you done so far to achieve the success you want?" Sometimes the answer is nothing or not very much at all. Which is okay. They are seeking my help for a reason. I certainly don't judge anyone by the answers they give me.

But we are most certainly rewarded by doing our part.

Let's say for example you are single but would like to meet a new partner. What have you done to attract somebody new? Have you made any lifestyle changes? Have you got 'out and about' more and put yourself in a position to meet new people?

Have you brushed up on making great first impressions? What about a change in your style of dress? Have you been working on your self-confidence and self-worth?

You have to show God and Life that you are fully ready for the success you say you want to achieve by doing your part

Another example could be you have a goal to start your own coaching business and do seminars.

So have you spent extra time reading or watching appropriate videos, writing out great questions to ask potential clients and more for when they become customers?

Do you have your talks all ready and prepared? Have you rehearsed them fully? What are you going to charge for your seminars? Will you be doing any free talks first?

Now these examples may seem obvious and they are. But you would be surprised that I have coached entrepreneurs who want to become a coach and have not really done any of these things. Why? because, "they don't have any clients yet" is a common response.

A kind of, that bridge isn't here just yet if that makes sense to you?

Yes they are advertising. Yes, they have built a website and a Facebook page and signed up for Instagram. But this is not enough. To get God or Life on your side and adding powerful help, you have to be fully committed to doing your part.

But don't you see? We are rewarded when we do our part. If you are not 'ready' to coach clients or meet a new partner, you won't get the added help from God or the universe or life.

Get ready for success. Do your part. God and Life will add to your efforts when you do

You have to be ready. You have to show God and life that whatever you want to do, you really want to do it - by actively doing your part. 

You cannot leave things to chance or 'lady luck' or fate or anything else. God and life help people who are helping themselves. Who are actively showing that they are doing their part. Then, paradoxically, serendipity comes into play. You suddenly start meeting new people. Prospective clients start getting in touch and other such miraculous coincidences start taking place.

Yes, help seems to come out of the blue.

So are you doing your part? Are you putting all your best efforts into the success you desire before there is even the tiniest sign of reward? Or are you patiently waiting for things to happen?

Get out there. Be active. Be prepared for the success you say you desire. Once you are ready, you will find things start falling into place. You would have been doing your part.

And then, with the mighty power of God and life itself, you will get your breakthrough to success.