Friday, 5 August 2016

Get Your Breakthrough: Current Coaching Offers

You are working hard. You are passionate about what you do. You have goals and dreams. But that something, whatever it is, is preventing you from moving forward, experiencing happiness and fulfillment perhaps - or achieving your breakthrough.

Sound familiar?

If you have been reading my blog posts and would like to achieve better results then here are my latest offers. Remember, I have a proven track record in getting BIG results.

Personal Coaching

90 Minutes Breakthrough Session Normally £155 Until September 30th just £55 (Small T and C below)

Turn Your Life Around 15 Hours over 90 days Normally £1,875 Until September 30th just £1,375

Performance Coaching

Explode Your Results x90 Minute Sessions - Normally £175 until September 30th £75 

Explode Your Results 6 x90 Minute Sessions - Normally £990 until September 30th £770

Entrepreneur Coaching

Marketing Coaching: Branding You 3x 90 Minute Sessions Normally £575 until September 30th £475

Mind & Marketing Coaching: Branding You, Building a Success Mindset, Increase Your Profits

Unlimited Hours over 90 days Normally £2,750 until September 30th £1,995

For more details please read below or my blog posts.

"My business was going under. I had about 1 month of funds left and had remortgaged my house. Then fortunately I met Robert Hamilton. He tore up my marketing plan, changed my adverts, told me what I could and couldn't say and within TWO WEEKS I took $274,000! Robert is like the Tony Robbins of combining your mind and marketing" D Devali, Speed learning Coach and Mentor

You know, from the thousands of people who have attended my seminars, and the clients that I have seen face-to-face, what holds them back or prevents them from achieving success, is generally speaking, not that much of a big deal.

When I say not much of a big deal, I don't mean in their minds. They usually come to see me frustrated and fed-up to the back teeth with the brick wall in front of them.

Sometimes, if the hurdle is in their unconscious mind, it only adds to that frustration. Why? because when it is resting silently in their unconscious mind, they aren't aware of what it is that is stopping them from achieving the success they seek.

What I do mean is that what prevents people from achieving their wildest dreams and getting the success what they want, is not a 1001 things. It is usually only 2 to 3 things.
breakthroughs, powerful, blocks, remove obstacles, success
Breakthroughs give you a powerful surge forwards

The relief, when together we identify and remove it or them, is phenomenal.

Point to Note:

When I refer to success I mean what success is to that particular individual.

From Stuck to Success - Fast.

So here is a list of things I have come across that stop people from achieving what they want. Once removed and replaced with what does work, they experience lift off, they really do (And so can you).

  • Limiting beliefs which are on an unconscious level (Regarding money you can earn or accumulate, success, happy relationships, becoming an expert, getting a dream job, winning promotion etc)
  • Self-Confidence
  • Don't know what they want to do (career, business)
  • No personal belief in themselves, abilities, of what's possible
  • Under-performing
  • Setting and achieving successful outcomes (Goals)
  • Self-worth
  • Lack assertiveness (can't say no)
  • Lack of clarity
  • Issue with partner/family member
  • An issue from the past
  • An issue from the present
  • Guilt
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of what others might think

Now sometimes, it can be a combination of one or more from this list and sometimes  we consciously know what it is but unsure how to get rid of it. Other times these frustrating stumbling blocks are only known to us unconsciously (Unsure what the brick wall is, but we just have a 'Feeling' something is stopping us).

My job as a Breakthrough Specialist is to discover what it is holding you back, eliminate it for good and replace it with tools that will empower you. And of course, unlock your own resources so you can surge forward towards what you want.

And I will tell you now, I am good at this. This is why I get breakthroughs which propel my clients forwards, in just one or two sessions.

How powerful are Breakthroughs? Here's what the Oxford dictionary has to say: 
1) A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development:  
'the band’s breakthrough album'

2) An instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity

So it might be the same with you. You are working hard, you are doing all you can to achieve what success looks like to you, but there is something that seems to be stopping you. You have questioned yourself over and over, "Why aren't I getting what I want?" but no answers are forthcoming.

You are just stuck. Stumped. Flummoxed and frustrated. If you are still trying, well done you. A lot of people give up I assure you and live a life of average or worse.

I've been there, I know what it's like, I really do.

Get Your Big Breakthrough to Success - Fast

So if this post sounds like you and you would like to achieve your big breakthrough, then do get in touch. I will get that breakthrough for you. Remember, from my vast experience, just 1 or 2 sessions and you can remove what is holding you back.

And then, seriously, you will experience a huge surge forwards in getting what you want.

Remember, your blockage could be preventing you from experiencing success, happiness or personal fulfillment.

So if you are trying your best but still feel there there is 'Something' in your way, you needn't have to stay frustrated. I guarantee you that once it has gone, you will be living, working and performing at your best.

Great Offer to Achieve Your Powerful and Liberating Breakthrough

If you would like to take advantage of my summer offer then please contact me via the contact page.

I will give you an insightful, powerful 90 minute breakthrough session via Skype, private Google Hangout or face to face if you live local to me.

The cost? Just £55 (Normally £155) for 90-minutes and a FREE 15 minute follow-up within 30 days.

Here's the pesky 'catch'

In return, when you take advantage of this outstanding offer, you will agree to send me a 30 second video clip of how it helped you surge forwards (Or a written testimonial) that I can use in my advertising. If you don't agree to that then you pay the full price.

Get in touch today. I guarantee you won't regret it and soon you too, will be experiencing a powerful, personal breakthrough towards your version of success.


PS Should you want a 2nd breakthrough session you will receive a 25% discount.
PPS I reserve the right to refuse who I deem is not ready to accept success. This is a strictly a limited offer to 10 people. Available until 30th September 2016.