Thursday, 17 November 2016

Give Your Coaching Business a Winning Start

So you want be a coach and help people do you? Or maybe you have just started out and are struggling for clients? Or perhaps you are thinking about becoming a personal coach in some area.

Before I show you how to give your coaching business the best start (or re-start) you possibly can, let's have a very brief look at the lifestyle of a successful coach.

If this is one of the reasons that has already got you to choose coaching or you have already started your business, then please skip this section and jump to the next headline. 

Alternatively, you can choose to read it and remind yourself of why you are coaching? I will let you choose.

The Lifestyle of a Successful Coach

The greatest part about running your own coaching business is being able to help other people overcome their pain and change their life or business. 

The second greatest part of being a self-improvement coach is the lifestyle. You can (virtually) choose when to work and who you work with.

You can choose when to have a weekend away, a day off or a two-week holiday in the sun. You can work from home. There is no commuting through horrendous traffic.

And there are no horrible, miserly bosses you have to answer to either, or back-stabbing, irritating co-workers to put up with - ever again.

And of course there is the money you can earn and all the trappings that come along with it.

But, to help all these people who will need your coaching; and to live this lifestyle, you must first get enough paying clients.

Coaching has Fierce Competition

Yes, competition is fierce. There are hundreds of thousands of other coaches out there offering the same or very similar services as you will be or are.

The internet is busy and overcrowded. Hustling and bustling with millions of blog posts, billions of videos, billions of positive memes and Gif's and over a billion dot coms.

So you have to be seen and perceived as so darn good you can cut through all this hysteria so you can attract enough paying clients to coach. 

If you don't do this you will not have a coaching business. Period.

But please don't let me deter you. With the right guidance and help you can become a successful coach too. There is plenty of room at the top.

To Become a Successful Coach You are Going to Need These to Start

I shall endeavour to leave out any 'puff speak' and marketing terminology where possible. You don't want confusion when you are starting out. You need power and simplicity. They are not in order as these are all needed to grow and expand your coaching business.

A Purpose for Your Clients

What is your aim for your clients? What are you trying to achieve for them? This has to be clear and concise. Why? because all your marketing will flow from this purpose. Your purpose naturally guides you on how you should attract your clients.

A Purpose for You

We all have a personal reason for doing what we do. Nobody is so caring that they go into coaching and do it for nothing. Having your own personal reasons why you do what you do will keep you going when pesky obstacles or setbacks crop up.

Your Own Selection of People You Want to Help (Niche)

You cannot coach everybody. How can you possibly appeal to everyone? You can't. 

Your message won't be clear. You may well already have an idea of who you can best help in life or business. Narrowing this down further is better.

Sometimes this can change over time or take you a while to find it. 

So you may want to coach executives or CEO's. Or you may want to coach Lawyers, or Doctors or Teachers. Or teenagers.

You will then want to narrow that down further. For example, you may want to coach CEO's on work/life balance or executives on increasing performance. Or teenagers on how to deal with exam pressures.

For me, the only entrepreneurs I coach are other start-up coaches in self-improvement. Narrowing this down actually attracts more entrepreneurs from other areas! (It's just how it works)

In my personal coaching I help people who have lost their success, recapture it (Or a sports person reclaim previous great results). That way my messages are clear and concise and will get heard or seen by the people who can benefit from working with me.

Find the Pain, Problem or Frustration

When you know who you want to coach you have to climb into the life of that person. What is their biggest pain, problem or frustration you are trying to help them overcome? Really get to know the person you are going to coach.

What are their hopes, fears and dreams? What is their life like while they are still suffering in their pain, trudging through their problems or not dealing well with their frustration? 

You must climb into their mind and rummage around.

A Fantastic Solution to Your Customers' Pain, Problem and Frustration

What is your biggest, fastest, easiest, first-ever or cheapest way to end that pain, problem or frustration? 

How will it impact their life? How it will make their life or business, better, happier, richer, easier or healthier? Yes this must be how you are going to give them the best darn solution on the planet.

Your Authority

People will buy from people who have more perceived authority or expertise. This must be shown. What qualifies you to help me? I am not talking in terms of diplomas etc, I know some coaches who are awful and have a long list of credentials.

I know others who have none and are fantastic. But what is yours?

A Story to Tell

Humans have lived on stories. Everyone loves a great story. What is yours? What brought you to coaching? What experiences in life or business do you have?

Magnetic Marketing to Ensure You Get Enough Clients

Now all of these areas, need expressing online in a compelling, almost hypnotic way. You are going to have to do this across these channels:

  • Your Website
  • Social Media (You don't have to use all of them; that is a fallacy)
  • Your Landing or Sales Pages
  • Your Videos

And Then Finally...This

You are going to have to show fantastic follow-up to all of your would-be clients. This will be in the form of emails, new videos and outstanding value. By doing this, it helps build a strong personal brand and grows trust.

A Quick Word on Branding

Yes you will need a good logo and colour scheme for your site. But try not to spend too much money on this area to begin with. Yes, get your logo...but what I am referring to is avoid all the hype around it.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't that important. I have known some coaches to speak about being in magazines to help 'build the brand' and who have spent small fortunes on ensuring their brand is 'out there'. 

That's all well and good. And of course it is great for the personal ego. When I asked them how many paying clients they had the previous month, they go a little sheepish.

Of course this exposure can be great for business. I am just saying don't get so wrapped up in it that all your marketing budget gets spent here. 

When you are starting out the best, and I think fastest way to build your brand, is by doing all of the above in this post on a consistent basis. By sticking to your purpose and following through on that with the same message.

And then with the people you do help, give them such outstanding value for their money that they will promote your brand for you.

What Now?

If you are starting out as a coach and you need help in any of these areas then please get in touch. I have a proven track record. I have taken coaches to multi and millionaire status and others to having so many clients they have waiting lists.

Remember, you want to be able to focus on coaching clients and improving their lives or business. Let me do all the hardwork for you.

Get in touch if you would like to rapidly grow your coaching business.