Sunday, 20 November 2016

How to Overcome the Dread of Personal Doubt

When I had suffered the pain and anguish of writing the first draft of my book, 'Ignite the Spark and Explode Your Results' I sent it off to various publishers and of course, like 99% of other authors, I received numerous rejections in the process.

Then I had a breakthrough...a great publisher believed in me and liked my writing style and content. I was over the moon. Ecstatic. Elated. I was jumping for joy...for a few moments...

There was just one slight problem in his eyes, but a major, soul destroying problem for me...

Virtually all of my sentences were way tooo long. They were broken up with semicolons; I had written like I spoke I guess and I also fell into the trap of placing them in spaces where I had paused in my writing to think.

So I was told I would have to rewrite the whole book and shorten all the paragraphs and sentences down. 
I had major doubts when I had to rewrite the whole book
My book on the shelves next to Gladwell! But I had major doubts
that I could finish it.

Although elated that I had found interest in my work, I was now devastated. I was full of doubts. Would I be able to rewrite the whole book? How on earth was I going to shorten the sentences?

And my two monster doubts, could I do it? and, was it going to be worth it? 

Writing a book is not as easy as what it might look. It's hard work. That's why so many people want to become a published author but very few actually 'get around to writing it'.

The other major reason is they have major doubts.

Successful people don't let their doubts control their actions.

So you can perhaps understand why doubt stomped into my mind. It far outweighed the interest from the publisher I can assure you. I felt like crying at the mere thought of rewriting what suddenly became, the whole darn book.

What on earth was I to do? I had to do something quickly with these doubts otherwise I knew I would end up as just another guy who wants to write.

So I reminded myself of all those other successful authors. I went to my personal, extensive library and grabbed a few of their books to read.

I quickly read a few inspiring pages of other successful people in all walks of life and how they too had suffered with doubt at some point or another on their journey to achieving their dreams.

They too had suffered with such doubting thoughts of,  Am I good enough to do this? Will I overcome this obstacle or setback? How will I ever reach my goal when my bank account is empty? How can I have one of the best coaching business in the world when I have no clients now? Why aren't I getting the results I want after I have put in so much effort?

And there were many more similar stories nestling amongst the pages of my array of books. 

These doubts cause many a would be author or entrepreneur to quit. It's quite natural to have these doubts pop up from time to time. 
My book published but I had doubts
Walking into the bookstore and seeing my book on the
shelf was well worth the time and hardwork.

So after a good few hours of moping around, feeling sorry for myself and beating myself up with negative self-talk, I decided to do something more empowering. 

I boosted my self confidence by telling myself I had had doubts before about achieving a huge goal, yet I still achieved it.

I thought deeply about all the doubts I had experienced when I set this gigantic goal. I thought about what I did to achieve that massive outcome. How did I think? What did I actually do to get rid of them?

I felt better immediately and got to work on the task of writing.

So the Next Time You are Full of Doubt

Doubts are natural. Everybody has them at some point or another - I don't care who they are.

So take heart in the fact that all those other people you see out there who are highly successful now, they had doubts too once upon a time (And some still do from time to time). But they didn't quit. 
Why not question your doubts? They are, after all, only opinions

They simply didn't believe their doubts. They still acted despite their strongest doubts.

(I know only too well that doubt can be stronger when you have been successful before and are working to recapture times of greatness. But these same strategies will still help you.

You are no different. Keep faith in yourself and your dream. Stop and question your doubts - even if your current doubts are so big they make you feel like crying! 

Remind yourself that they are mere opinions and not truth or fact

Do something to boost your self-confidence, like thinking of other times you have achieved something when you were first fuelled with doubt.

Build your personal belief by taking any kind of action on the very thing you doubt, as soon as you possibly can, and you will see how quickly they disappear.

If you do this, you will erase your doubts.

You can do it. Don't ever, ever quit because of false doubts. 

Was it worth me rewriting the whole book? You bet your life it was. It wasn't a New York Times bestseller but maybe my next one will be.