Friday, 2 December 2016

90 to 95% of World's Best Athletes Have One 99.9% of Entrepreneurs Don't

If you look at the top sports people in the world you will notice how they have one person in their corner who helps them immensely. In 90% to 95% of cases this is a fact.

And if you ask these top performers how important this person is to their winning they will answer: critical.

This one person I am referring to is a coach (Or a psychologist). It is the person that looks after their mind I am referring to, not a physical skills coach. 

This person is the one that can help them perform under pressure; build resilience, control inner self-talk, keep confidence high, help them focus, deal with pressure and a myriad of other things that top performers need to perform at their best.

Now I don't know about you, but you can learn a lot from sport and this knowledge can be transferred to the business world too.

So it is baffling that such people like Roger Federer, Michael Phelps, Andy Murray, Ronnie O'Sullivan (Snooker player) and a host of other top performers all recognise the importance of a coach - and entrepreneurs view is at a weakness - or not even necessary.

(Although Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey have one, to name just two giants) 

Don't entrepreneurs have perhaps more need for mental coaching than athletes? Aren't we as entrepreneurs put under pressure? Don't we quite often work long hours? Do we have our confidence knocked from time to time with setbacks? Do we need more belief in ourselves (Or could we benefit from more)?

Or just a fresh pair of eyes to see things differently?

How about managing that work-life balance we hear about? Do you have all of that under control too?

Asking for help takes courage and strength. It's not a weakness to get a coach but the complete opposite.

My mind boggles at the fact that so many entrepreneurs think they can go it alone: that they don't need outside help in the form of coaching.

Of course it is not just entrepreneurs who don't see the immense benefits an outstanding coach can bring to the table. There are many CEO's, top executives, sales executives, politicians, teachers and tons of other professions.

(Although this trend is changing. And that's why coaching is a such a growing market: it works and millions are benefiting)

The entrepreneurs who have come to me for coaching have all benefited. I didn't view them as weak-willed jellyfish. I saw great strength. The kind of strength entrepreneurs must have to be successful.

You aren't being tough by not asking for help. Not asking is the easy option.

I mean my goodness, I am coach; yet I have a coach. I go to this person because he will see things I might miss. He see's and offers different perspectives. He is also my cheerleader and keeps me on track. I don't consider myself 'weak' by having one.

(I have also coached other coaches too)

The Benefits of Getting a Coach

We all know the horrifying stats of businesses that fail. One of the reasons is this entrenched mindset of having to go it alone. Sure some entrepreneurs see a bank manager about a business plan, but after that they never bother really seeing anyone.

mind coaching can benefit entrepreneurs
How well you do as an entrepreneur
will depend on how you think 
 Seeing a coach over skype, phone or in person is just so beneficial. Why? because you will get feedback. And this is the difference from attending seminars with thousands of people, reading books or taking a course online.

All of these should be done of course, but in addition to having a coach. Again, the coach can give you feedback on any learning you have completed.

I think all entrepreneurs should budget for a coach. Get the right one and they are worth their weight in gold-business. And here, I am talking about, specifically, the mental aspect to being an entrepreneur.

From my experience, 2 or 3 x hourly or 90 minute sessions, every few months, is usually enough.

So if you are a budding, growing, struggling or stagnating entrepreneur get yourself a coach. It can be lonely going it alone. 

They can help you with your self-belief, confidence, new perspectives, offer honest and straightforward feedback, help you bounce back from setbacks, ensure your business goals are met and so much more.

Why make things harder for yourself? Wouldn't you prefer to make the journey easier

Don't take my word for it that a great coach can help you. Just go and research 90 to 95% of all the top sportspeople in the world and see if they think it is worth it.

That is of course, if you can see how important the mind is in business. If you do, then take a quick scan of my current coaching offer 

You never know, you could just make 2017 your best year ever.