Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Two Obstacles That Will Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams - EVER

You have greatness inside of you, you really do. You can be more, do more and get more. You have all the inner resources you need to succeed. Furthermore, there is something that you can do that is truly unique. Nobody else can do it quite like you.

You have virtually unlimited potential inside of you. If you unlocked it and used it, you would be achieving way, way beyond your expectations of now.

Your dreams, those that surface when you pull yourself away from watching others achieve theirs, would soon become a reality.

You know the ones I mean. They are like a small itch that you can't scratch. They surface in those rare, quiet moments you have.

I know you have dreams. I know they are there in your mind and so do you

Maybe you would like to write a book or finally turn that hobby or wonderful idea you have held for so long into a business?

Perhaps you would like to be doing something where you have more work freedom? Doing your own hours without the stressful, long commute through early morning and evening traffic chaos? 

Maybe you would simply like to be in a better, happier and more fulfilling job? 

Or perhaps you would like to be earning more money and enjoying all the beautiful experiences that come with a higher income?

How Long are You Going to Suppress Your Dreams?

So how much longer are you going to put up with average? How many more years are you going to stay in that crappy, boring, dead-end job?  
are you delaying your dreams?
How much longer are you going to delay going for it?

How much longer are you going to suppress those dreams you have of a better life, earning a higher income, being in a fulfilling job, living life on your terms or doing what you love to do? 

When asked how are things, how much longer are you going to answer, "Yeah, things are going ok" or "Things have been really bad"?

You aren't here to live a life of 'ok'. And neither are you destined to live a life of struggle and frustration or of lack.

The Two Obstacles Standing in Your Way of Achievement

There are usually two things that prevent people from achieving their greatness. They could be what are stopping you.

If you don't learn how to master fear, in whatever form, you won't achieve what you are truly capable of

Fear and limiting beliefs. Fear I have found comes through a few different avenues for different people.

The fear of what others might think about you 

This is a misconception. Nobody is really thinking about you.

The fear of failure

This is also rooted in the above fear. We fear that if we give something our best shot and fail, others will view us negatively. "Wow, look at her. She was trying her best and 'failed'"

The fear of success

We fear success because it takes us into the unknown. The mind resists the unknown because it is unfamiliar and the mind likes sameness; and sameness equals safety. 
We can fear success more than failure

Each time we go to another level there will be fear. But soon we learn how to deal with it and eventually, ignore it.

The fear of losing your identity

You have invested a lot of time and effort into 'who you think you are now'. Our identities are important to us. We live up to them. Even though we may have a conscious desire to improve, we won't if it is at the expense of losing who we think we are.

Limiting Beliefs - The Real Power Behind Your Success

These are simply unconscious beliefs we hold about success, money, people, the world and our self-worth.

Limiting beliefs can also be completely different for different people.

These are extremely powerful. Why? because you aren't even aware, consciously, that they exist. And, because these limiting beliefs determine if you will ever be successful, happy, rich or whatever, for the longer term.

That's why you will see people constantly trying to better themselves but not quite making it. Or achieving success for short bursts and then returning to their past circumstances or former selves.

You can attend all the training in the world you want, but if you don't eliminate limiting beliefs you will rarely, if ever, achieve what you want

Just look at the huge number of seminars in the world and now, online learning programmes

Millions attend and participate, yet the number of people who become successful or better themselves substantially, is grossly disproportionate to the numbers attending such.

They just keep trying and trying by attending more and more seminars or online learning programmes until eventually, they decide that "success isn't for them" and they stay in a life of average or worse.

The unconscious, limiting belief is the driving force, the master; and not the conscious desire to improve.

Eliminate the limiting belief and the conscious desire becomes the master.

Investing in Yourself the Right Way is the Answer

So how do you break this cycle? By investing in yourself the right way. By the right way, I mean by hiring an outstanding personal coach. 

A coach that can help you overcome the two main obstacles to unlocking and using your unlimited potential; Fear and Limiting Beliefs.
If you have to be 'sold' the idea that you can achieve your dreams; that you can be more, do more and have more, then you don't really want it. Just dump your dreams in the bin instead

Look at it logically. If you were to spend a thousand pounds or dollars for example, on a personal coach, it would be worth the investment and more.

If you only had 20 years left to achieve and live your better life, that equates to just £50 or $50 dollars PER YEAR!

Now if you don't think you are 'worth' that much or that your life is, or the lives of those around you, then fine. Carry on in the cycle you are now in. Stay being average or struggling or however else your life is panning out right now.

But let me tell you this much. Those dreams are going to become a reality just through thinking about them.

Anything really is possible. And that means for you too

In fact go one step further: Commit to never achieving any of those dreams right now. Take them out of the back of your mind and dump them somewhere. How does that feel to you?

Alternatively, go find yourself a great coach and rid of yourself of the fear and eliminate the Limiting beliefs that are causing you to hold back.

Remember, you are full of unlimited potential. You can live the life you want to live. You can achieve your goals and dreams. Anything really is possible.
remove fear and dream bigger
You will dream bigger when you eliminate fear

It is up to you to do something about it. If you take the right action you will surprise yourself beyond measure. You will be achieving far more than you ever thought possible.

(Finding that hard to believe as you read it? That could be down to a limiting belief right there) 

How you answer the next time somebody asks you, "Hey, how are things going?" will depend on what you choose to do.

It is my fervent wish that you will be saying, "Things are going better than ever before and improving all the time. I have never been this successful, happy or as fulfilled as I am right now. My life is truly great" 

Rob Hamilton is a qualified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist™, Life Enhancement Coach (Dip) and published author. Rob coaches people back to their best ever results and beyond and is also a performance and marketing coach.