About Me

Why do I coach and train people about personal development and success?

I will keep this as short as I can, I know you are busy with improving your own life and achieving your dreams too.

From humble beginnings I left school with a couple of GCE's and did a short stint in the army. From 18 to 26 I was an angry young man, drifting from one dead-end job to another. I was also an angry young man (Due to stuff that happened in childhood) who used to fight quite often.

One day I had some strategic intervention and decided to change my life. I went on a personal quest of self-improvement. I wanted the better things in life that I saw others getting.

So I read everything I could on self-development, success and the mind. I bought self-hypnosis and subliminal tapes and read more about people who succeeded against the odds. I then went into sales.

12 years later I had climbed the corporate ladder to Director, was travelling the world and earning a massive dream income and enjoying all the trappings that go with ultimate success...I had arrived. Life was bliss.

Losing it all

Then suddenly, through some close family passing away unexpectedly, getting a divorce and losing my business I had built, I fell into a deep depression. This drove me to within a whisker of taking my own life.

I had nothing. I mean I had lost everything. I had taken my focus away from what got me the success. I took it all for granted.

Getting back to success

So I had to go right back to square one and start all over again at the age of 45. I used the very same strategies I had used before to become successful again. I became an author, started two businesses and became a CEO of a multimillion pound company.

Now I just focus on one business. My coaching, speaking and workshops.

I am no longer just 'money focused'. I like the success I have. I can go away when I want, work the hours I want and I now appreciate all the little things in life too.

Never again will I take my eye off what makes me successful (For me)

All my experiences - good and bad - inspired me

Now I like to inspire other people that anything really is possible. That they can achieve success (Whatever success means to them of course) and I help them unlock and discover their own resources to get what they want through my coaching.

If I can do it, so can you.

I am on a mission...here is my Purpose.

"To inspire and empower 1,000,000 people that success, happiness and personal fulfillment can be achieved by anyone regardless of their background, age, education, race, or colour. I will achieve this through my coaching, workshops and writing"

By making your life great you can then do your small part to make our communities, environment and even the world, a better place for us all.

Hi and thank you for taking a minute to know about
why I do what I do. I appreciate it.
robert d hamilton, author and mind coach

I am Robert Hamilton (My author name is Robert D Hamilton), most of my friends call me Rob.

Here's the short version about me

  • I am an NLP Practitioner
  • Timeline Therapist™
  • Life Enhancement Coach (dip) 
  • Published author of Ignite the Spark, Explode Your Results.
  • Ebook author of 37 Nuggets of Wisdom for Success and Happiness and 9 Ways to Live an Awesome Life
  • Have studied success, the mind, people and behaviour for some 50 years (Since I was 4)
I believe experience is a great teacher. It certainly helps me coach better in my opinion. So here are some of mine. These might help you decide if I am the right coach for you.

I worked my way up the corporate ladder, from the bottom rung, to Group Business Director and CEO of multi-million turnover companies -

So I understand what it takes to succeed in business. I know the pressures, the high's the lows and how to get ahead and get results under pressure - month after month - I know how to win promotion.

I coached teams to UK, European and World records

Getting your team to achieve more is an art of leadership. I have performance strategies that get big results - fast.

I am not a millionaire - but I earn a great 6 figure income and have freedom

I do what I love, work when I want, take breaks when I want - Going from a low 5 figure income to a high six figure one, takes a certain mindset. I have achieved that. I can get you there.

Achieved some of my wildest dreams

From traveling the world to earning 50k tax free bonuses, to becoming an author, doing what I love, speaking to thousands of people - and I still continue to strike more of my dreams off my list

I have lost everything twice - and bounced back bigger and better

I know about bouncing back from adversity. I understand the importance of resilience and self-confidence and getting back on track - I have the strategies you need if you are in a similar position.

I beat severe depression - without drugs

Depression is not all it is cracked up to be. You can beat it. I did it. I was close to hanging myself - so if I can do it, you can do it too.

And lastly...I am happy and fulfilled

Personal fulfillment and happiness are the true measures of any success. When you change your thinking, you can be happy and fulfilled in virtually any circumstances. It's about perspective. I can help you find that perspective.

Who I Coach

Here are some of the people, from many different countries and backgrounds, who I have coached. Remember, everything begins in your mind.

  • Millionaires in the making - to take their income to consistent 6 figures 
  • Athletes - who want to reclaim their winning ways
  • Salespeople - who want to increase closing ratios, presentation skills, rapport etc
  • Sales Teams - who want to achieve better results
  • Leaders - for leadership coaching, getting team to achieve even more etc
  • Entrepreneurs - for confidence, personal impact, leadership, goals, ideas, etc
  • Executives, Directors, CEO's - for increased performance, work/life balance
  • Multi-millionaires (For life or business coaching)
  • People who want to create and live an epic life - to go from 'ordinary' to extraordinary

life changing workshops for improved results with the mind coach
My passion is speaking and conducting life-changing
workshops and inspiring people to bigger results
My style of coaching is direct, fast and effective. I have yet to change somebody's life in more than six hours. I think a lot of coaches make this process too complicated I prefer to keep things simpler.

I have studied people since the age of 4 and self-improvement for over 28 years now. I have focused that study mainly on the mind, the unconscious mind, success, happiness, personal fulfillment and human behaviour.

I try and take what others write (My collection is over 1,000 books) and turn it into something simpler for people to use. Of course, I use my own learnings over the years too along side my NLP, TimeLine Therapy™ and Coaching Diploma.

In my former Corporate life I achieved (Highlights);
  • Working my way from the bottom to Group Business Director and a CEO; both for multi-million $$ machines
  • Personal Coach to a multi-millionaire and # 1 bestselling author
  • Coached teams to World Records (Within my industry)
  • Personally achieved UK and European records (Within my industry)
  • Achieved 2nd highest net figures in sales for 2 years running (out of 1,000+ employees)
  • Sales person of the month x 5 (Over 3 years)
  • Coached canvass teams to industry records

Here are some of my personal likes:
  • I love the sea
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Sat in a cafe watching people
  • Eating out, especially Chinese food
  • Eating in
  • A great movie
  • Walking and staying active
  • Dogs
  • Comedy (Love Seinfeld, Frasier and Middle)
  • Creating Super Heroes (I am a big Marvel fan)
And of course coaching other people and teams.

I would love the opportunity to coach you if ever you get stuck with any of life's curveballs. Please get in touch with me here and we can arrange a free 30 minute session if you wish.

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